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An exclusive complimentary workshop for high school athletes who may have 3, 2, or 0 stars and are seeking an athletic scholarship but are not getting the exposure that they desire.

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Did you know?

  • 7% of high school student athletes go on to play their sport in college.

  • 4% of athletes receive a athletic scholarship from a DI, DII, or NAIA.

  • less than 2% of athletes receive a full-ride scholarship.

  • H.S. coaches are a poor source to depend on for marketing your son or daughter to colleges.

  • DI Men's Basketball (1.0%), DI Football (2.9%), DI Baseball (2.2%)

  • DI Women's Basketball (1.3%), DI Soccer (2.4%), DI Softball (1.8%)


Here's what you'll discover in this free workshop:

1. Take advantage of key opportunities that could enhance your child's chances of securing an athletic scholarship.

2. Stop being overwhelmed by the complexity of the college recruitment process and have clear guidance on how to navigate it effectively.

3. Stop feeling terrified that you might miss out on crucial opportunities that could really help you child secure a athletic scholarship.

4. You will fill confident that you will be able to provide the support and guidance your child needs to succeed in their athletic pursuits.

5. A playbook that will give you a step-by-step process that you can follow to help market your son or daughter.


Alex Molden

Alex leverages his passion and in-depth knowledge of leadership, athletic development, and college recruiting to help dedicated and skillful student-athletes attain athletic scholarships so that it takes the burden off parents for paying for college.

We know it can be easy for a talented athlete to attain a full-ride scholarship from a DI college.

Unfortunately, size, grades, character, and marketing all play huge roles in the recruiting process.

If you only depend on your high school or club coach you put your future in other people's hands. We encourage our student-athletes to be proactive.

It takes a winning mindset, a plan, and discipline to get a scholarship. We will give you the expertise and framework to generate the high-impact skills needed to attain a scholarship.

What people are saying...

Alex Molden is an exceptional athlete who overcame a devastating injury to star in the NFL. He is a captivating speaker who shares insights into leadership and motivation that can help you achieve success in any environment.

Mike Bellotti

Former Head Coach

Univ. of Oregon Football

Alex Molden is the epitome of learning and leadership. His ability to connect, motivate and inspire others, specifically student-athletes is remarkable. Although his accomplishments as an athlete and professional are elite, it is his heart for growth in his own life and the lives of others that make him world-class.

Henry Barrera

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach(Univ. of Alabama Men's Basketball)

Finally, Alex is showing these athletes the right way to get recruited, train, etc.

Mark H.

Division I athlete (former client)

Get ready to have more confidence while going through the recruiting process because of a solid framework.

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